I seem to make my fair share of them. Not sure why. Then again, I probably am. I seem to make the same ones over and over. How about you?

The concept of drive-thru pizza by the slice has come to Kansas City. I love it. Great concept.

How hard is it to keep your attention when you are disinterested? For me, it’s very difficult.

There’s a cool full moon out tonight. Get out there and check it out if you habe a few minutes.

I can give no better advice to anyone than to say go with God. Jesus came here to save us. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. It is through Him we get to God. God is generous, kind, forgiving, and all we need. God thank you for loving me and for allowing me a place in your plan.

Being a dad is probably going to go down as my greatest achievement. I am no good as a husband. Same at being a friend. If I have any hope it is at being a dad. I have five boys, so I hope I’m right about this. Hopefully if it is God’s will, I will at least park somewhere close.

How many times in the course of the day is there an argument? How many of those times are you pretty sure you are right? Is it possible for someone to be right all the time?

Have you ever seen those dummies that running backs run through that look like there are a bunch of padded hands sticking out?  You know the ones.  Well I feel like money grubbing people are the same way.  As soon as you get money in your hands, and it doesn’t matter how much, all of a sudden the hands go out.  There is the tax man, child support, car repairs, home repairs, and the list keeps going from there.  Why is that?  Go get your own.

Does it strike anyone else as funny that everyone you meet thinks they are of above average intelligence?  It’s mathematically impossible.

The cure: Find your niche and be above average in that particular area.  Note: Some of you may have to go extreme niche to find fertile ground.

Warm water is sufficient, but ice cold water is where it’s at.